We offer many services to clean and preserve your treasured garments.  Our staff has many years experience in laundering many types of fabrics and utilizing techniques to keep your garments looking good.

Arthur’s Executive Cleaners offers a variety of services based out of our locations in Kenmore, Williamsville and Clarence, NY, ranging from same day service to special care for delicate fabrics. Please take a moment to read over the list below and do not hesitate to call us in Clarence if you have any specific questions!

Same Day Service

Do you have an unexpected meeting? Forgot about the neighbor’s wedding this weekend? If you’re in a bind, Arthur’s Executive Cleaners can bail you out. With our same day service, you bring in your cleaning by 9am, Monday through Friday, and we’ll have your clothes cleaned and pressed by 5pm. The best part? Our same day service comes at no extra cost!(Excludes Kenmore Location)

Leather, Suede, and Fur

Do you want your fur coat to look like new? Are your leather items a little dull, or not as soft as they once were? Whether it’s your big and beautiful fur coat or a favorite leather belt, you can depend on Arthur’s Executive Cleaners to take care of all your cherished items. Don’t forget, we can clean your UGGs as well.


Did the cat try to mark its territory on the drapes? Arthur’s Executive Cleaners in Clarence will professionally clean, press and spot your drapes so you can hang them back up looking like new.

Shirt Laundry

If you would like a freshly pressed shirt, Arthur’s Executive Cleaners has the solution. Our professional team will clean, spot, press and have your shirt looking like new, every time we clean it. Perfect for those out-of-town meetings, we can box your shirt to make it easy for packing. Light, medium, or heavy starch? No problem, we have it all.

Saturday Shirt Special

There is nothing like getting a great deal, with unmatched quality. Our Saturday shirt special will get you just that. Any men’s laundered shirt is only $2.49, with a piece of dry cleaning. If you cannot wait for Saturdays, that’s okay! We still have inexpensive shirts all throughout the week.

Bedding and Sleeping Bags

Did the kids have an accident at night, or do you just want your bedding to look new again? Bring your entire bed set. Shams, pillows, blankets, we’ll do it all and return it to you in a reusable storage bag so you can put it away for the season if you want to. How about that summer camping trip? Arthur’s can clean your sleeping bags so the bugs are the only things you’ll need to worry about.

Wedding Gowns

So, the big day is over, the thank-you notes are all sent out and now you want to treasure your dress to keep it looking like new. Arthur’s Executive Cleaners will clean and preserve your dress so that it will keep its color and its shape. We will make it possible to wear on your 50th wedding anniversary. Arthur’s will return it to you in a beautiful display box so you can see your dress at any time.


Don’t pay thousands to get a bigger closet! Bring your unneeded clothes to Arthur’s Executive Cleaners, and at no extra cost we will store your clothes until you are ready to wear them again. No one wants to wear a down coat in July; bring it to Arthur’s! Your silks won’t keep you warm in the winter; bring them to Arthur’s! We will return your freshly dry cleaned clothes to you, ready to wear.

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