About Us

Our Story

Arthur’s Executive Cleaners began serving the Western New York area in 1987 with one store, one man and one vision: to become not the biggest, but the best dry cleaners in WNY.

Family Owned and Operated

It was once written in a Buffalo News article that Arthur’s passion was to keep his children close to him by including them in a family business.

A Positive Change in Direction

Arthur’s dream was to have 150 stores across a broad section of the northeastern United States, starting with the Clarence area and expanding outward. However, the dream has been modified and the company philosophy has been geared towards being the best, and not the biggest. Our focus has always been on developing and growing personal relationships with our customers. To this day, the interaction we enjoy with our customers is the most important aspect of our business. We are a customer oriented business, that happens to do dry cleaning.

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