Stay Calm and Stay Clean!

As we continue to learn more about the ever changing COVID-19 and cannot predict the future course of events… we first and foremost want to remind you to stay calm, stay clean and continue best practices.

We also want to remind you that we have drive thru service at our Kenmore location (Open Saturdays), and our Clarence location.

To continue and follow the social distancing practices… utilizing our drive thru is the best option, if you would like.

If you frequent our Georgetown Plaza (633-8113) and do not want to get out of your vehicle, call before your arrival and we can plan for an efficient, and clean transaction.

All of our locations are continuously and rigorously being cleaned and sanitized to the best of our dedicated teams’ abilities.

We continue to clean and sanitize all areas of the stores directly after each patron, periodically throughout the hours, bags, counters, pens, handles… and many more places!

We can come to you

There is still a need for cleaning clothes, households, alterations etc. …our store may not be open regular hours but our delivery services are fully up and running... call us at 759-1916, email one of the owners, Jennifer@arthursexecutivecleaners. com, or sign up online.  We can still assist you with your needs. Our delivery service has been operating since before our first store front, over 33 years ago.

If you have further inquiries please email us, and we can further assist you.
If we have items you need to pick up and cannot get to us…we will deliver to you, at no extra cost.

Email us,or call our Clarence office at 716-759-1916 and we will make arrangements.

-Jennifer, Arthur, and our entire team at Executive Cleaners-

Video updates are below: Enjoy! and thank you!

Spring Cleaning?

Don’t forget, we can clean linens, comforters, pillow shams, drapes, and household items of all sorts. During this time we will have all household items 25% off.

Laundry Piling Up?

With everyone home 24/7… remember, we have Wash and Fold services. $2.25 per pound…don’t worry, we weigh items when they are dry;) we will wash, dry, fold and return your items (of all sorts: socks, undergarments, jeans, hoodies, towels, anything you would wash at home) This service can be done with delivery as well.

Thank you for your continued trust, stay healthy and we will see you soon.
Q: What if I have items in the store?
If you cannot make it in during the new hours, or you are staying indoors, call us at 759-1916, email one of the owners,, or sign up online to make arrangements for a delivery, at no extra cost.
Q: What are you doing about store sanitation?
We have sanitizer at every store front for customers to use, and behind every counter for our employees. We also wipe down the counters after every patron.
Q: Do you have drive thru service?
At our Clarence and Kenmore stores, yes. We encourage the social distancing… and to use our drive thru.
Q: Do you have to use the drive thru/pull up service?
No, our store fronts are still open, we sanitize after every patron, and throughout each hour.
Q: What about your employees?
We have been creative, we still have a majority of our team currently working, and healthy. We are working tirelessly, and as efficiently as we can to get our team back on track. Supporting your local businesses to any degree is more critical than ever.
Q: Do you have gift certificates?
We do! You can call us and we can US mail you some… or we can apply credit directly to your account.
UPDATES REGARDING COVID-19 - READ NOW. Stay Calm, Stay Clean! Call today for our free delivery.