Jennifer Marquardt

Jennifer Marquardt

I started working at Arthur’s Executive Cleaners in 2004, for a part time job to get me through the last year of high school. I love working with customers and getting to know them, so once I graduated high school I decided to keep my job at AEC, while starting College for mental health.

Once I graduated from SUNY at Buffalo in 2009 I was going to leave to pursue a career using my degree. It was then that Arthur made me the office manager. I managed customer satisfaction, finances, employee productivity, and the overall day to day activities.

In 2012 I became a partner at Arthur’s Executive Cleaners. Every day is a different day. We have an amazing team at AEC and I strive every day to make our small business enjoyable for all employees, and to make every customer have an unbeatable experience when coming to our stores.

Aside from being with my family, I enjoy the outdoors a lot. Warm weather or cold weather, either is fine by me. Hence, why I live in Buffalo!

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